Shoezzy's is a shoe and apparel company based in New York. The idea focuses on the value of education, promotes anti-bullying, and active lifestyle to the younger audience. LookBook designed by Angeline Chia. 

Hazard Alpacas has joined forces with Atlas Alpacas to form Alpacas of San Diego.  Located in east county, San Diego, California in the community of Descanso, Hazpaca has a herd of 50 plus beautiful alpacas, fabulous yarn, roving and raw fleece for sale. Hazpaca is passionate about making a contribution to the alpaca industry by breeding for quality animals and producing quality fleece for beautiful end products.



DIGITAL ART portfolio

CRUEL love clothing


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Cruel Love Clothing is an indie clothing brand for men's and women's apparel in the urban/pop style. Samples below.